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MVOC Board Members


John Oakes

Branch of Service: United States Air Force MVOC Board Position: Commander

John was USAF 207x2/1N2 Intelligence Analyst from 1986-2008. In the Air Force he participated in multiple volunteer opportunities to include Red Cross instructor, self aid and buddy care instructor, and tutoring young 4th graders.

John and his wife have been in Cuenca since June 2021

Clarke Brown

Branch of Service | United States Air Force | MVOC Board Position: Historian

Clarke served in the Air Force from 1980 to 1992 - He had planned to make it a career but peace broke out after Desert Storm and he got caught in a 'reduction in force' and was paid to get out. 

While serving he had four career fields - 

  • Administration 
  • Historian 
  • Public Affairs  
  • Personnel 
Which he thinks might be a record for a 12-year career. 

Clarke and his wife moved to Cuenca in October 2022 after 30 years in Anchorage, Alaska. Clarke is proud to be a veteran!!!


Nancy Sharif

Branch of Service | United States Navy | MVOC Board Position: Treasurer

Nancy was a US Navy Nurse for 2 years. 

She was stationed at the US Navy Hospital in Long Beach, California. 

Her rank was a LTJG. 

After leaving the USN she then entered the Nurse Corp reserves for 4 years.  

Sergeant at Arms

Frank Vault

Branch of Service | United States Air Force

MVOC Board Position | Sergeant at Arms

Frank was born July 22, 1948
He enlisted USN August 21, 1967 served as E-1 thru E-7. 
Frank was commissioned CWO-2 thru CWO-4, O-2E and O-3E.
He retired after 24 years, 10 months 9 days on July 1, 1992. 
He re-retired after three or four more civilian jobs to Ecuador in January 2016.

Wil Gipson

Branch of Service: United States Navy

MVOC Board Position: Chaplain

Wil served in the USN Intelligence and Satellite Communications from 
1985 till 2000 Active. Then Wil served in the USN Intelligence & Satellite Communications from 1985 till 2000 Active. The Naval Reserves from 2001 till 2008. Deployed to the Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait Conflicts. 

Recruited by the US Government in 2000 and assigned to the Terrorist 
Task Force.  During his military service, Wil pursued studies in Theology and Psychology earning his Doctoral Degrees volunteered as a Military Chaplain and was an associate pastor at two  local churches in Orlando, Florida. 

Wil has lived in Cuenca since February 2023
1st Vice Commander

Ed O'Connor

Branch of Service: United States Air Force

MVOC Board Position: 1st Vice Commander

Ed was assigned to USAF Radar Operations from 1966 to 1970.
He was selected as Airman of the Month at both duty stations.
While in the Air Force he participated on the fastpitch softball, football, basketball, volleyball teams and was an honor guard member.
He has been in Cuenca since 12/12/12 at 12 pm.

2nd Vice Commander

Kenyon Schultze

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